Context Of Practice Publication: Collective Unconscience

The main subject I have researched into is Carl Jung's theory of archetypes

'The collective unconscious was expressed through 'archetypes', universal thought-forms or mental images that influenced an individual's feelings and action. The experience of archetypes often paid little heed to tradition or cultural rules, which suggests that they are innate projections. A newborn baby is not a blank slate but comes wired ready to perceive certain archetypal patterns and symbols. This is why children fantasize so much, Jung believed: they have not experienced enough of reality to cancel out their mind's enjoyment of archetypal imagery.

Archetypes have been expressed as myths and fairytales, and at a personal level in dreams and visions. In mythology they are called 'motifs', in anthropology 'représentations collectives'. German ethnologist Adolf Bastian referred to them as 'elementary' or 'primordial' thoughts that he saw expressed again and again in the cultures of tribal and folk peoples. But they are not simply of anthropological interest; usually without knowing it, archetypes shape the relationships that matter in our lives.'

Source: http://www.butler-bowdon.com/carl-jung-archetypes-collective-unconcious

Generally I won't be looking into this subject to the point of using exact theory to explain my findings, I will use my intuition, and my common sense to denominate how branding projects will effect certain archetypes. I agree with Jung in the sense that we all have pre-dispositions to certain archetypes, and that they aren't always influenced by environment. We are animals that have been here on earth for a long time, and so we also have primal thoughts that exhibit through the way we choose to live our lives, in that if someone is pre-dispositioned to take a leader role, they will enjoy bold, and sometimes masculine branded products.

I will look into archetypal patterns and interpret them through colour and visual pattern, via looking at what colours effect different archetypes. This can be directly related to particular graphic design projects. The most important part of this research is that I will be dealing with parts of our subconscious, and so I will be shedding light on my own personal observations. This research also crosses over with Freud's theory on psychoanalysis:

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