Context Of Practice Publication: Emotive Branding

I have chosen to look into the theory of emotive branding, and how it works. I will be looking at this subject from a philosophical point of view, and specifically showcase examples of contemporary graphic design that exhibit this idea of emotive branding.

I have decided to design the publication around archetypes; splitting emotive branding into 12 sections based on the theory by Carl Jung that there are around 12 to 16 archetypes, basing a description of different types of subconscious that resides in all of us. The best diagram I could find is actually an IKEA branding strategy.

This shows that archetypes are commonly used within advertising - due to it's manipulative, and emotive nature advertising uses this kind of theory all of the time, whereas graphic design today tends to simply use client obligation, along with instinct. Through looking at archetypes within graphic design, this research process will paint an eye opening picture as to why we design in certain ways, and why design looks and feel the way it does. Crossovers between advertising and graphic design are inevitable, where the promotion needs to serve a purpose, and make money. I think that the differences are varied and complex, and that graphic design should be looked at in this philosophical way. Branding within graphic design is certainly not always consciously designed toward a set of archetypes, though always appeals to them.

I found that when initially thinking about emotional branding, and how design can effect something within our subconsciousness, I thought of how minimal design gives us room to think, and therefore can generate wisdom. Another example I thought of is how some branding and packaging appeals to masculinity, which could appeal to an ego, or make a man feel pride in his masculinity. These notions interest me greatly because they are how and why we design the way we design.

The publication will be layed out so that it should effect the readers emotions, through primarily, the use of colour, shape and form. Research into colour effecting human emotion will also need to be undertaken to attain what colours and patterns to use in conjunction with the archetypes.

I have also been influenced by The School of Life, and how they approach psychological issues. The stationary and other products they sell take on a visual cathartic approach. The notebook above has been made for productivity, and includes a painting in the front cover that should stimulate the brains productivity centre. Other notebooks are for 'sceptical' and 'daring' thought processes.

Overall, this publication will be a hybrid of theory, thoughts, and cathartic colour studies, relating to the branding sector within graphic design. My target audience will primarily be creatives, both male and female aged between 25 - 40. It will be self printed and bound, and compact - around A5 in size. I aim to leave the spine open bound. I aim for it to be a curiosity, and a must have book for any discerning creative bookshelf.

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