Context Of Practice Publication: Projects: The Everyman

The everyman - utopian - minimalist.

The everyman believes in utopian principles. In utopian design, simplicity is often the goal. The ideal blend between functionality and form, leaving no room for decoration or extra elements. This echoes modernist principality too, where the balance between form and function is achieved.

Another area that also echoes minimalism as a physical and psychological state is Zen Buddhism. One of the principle Zen lessons is: Eliminate what doesn’t matter to make more room for what does. This can leave room for thought, reflection, and therefore - wisdom.


Poly Records by Maddison Graphic

More 4 Identity

SD/ by Socio Design

A minimalist identity that focuses on the abbreviated SD, paired with a striped-back colour palette. Printed material by Avenue Litho.

Büro System by Socio Design.

Numbered by Martín Azúa

Numbered is a selection of objects designed by Martín Azúa; unique pieces, numbered editions and commissioned objects that explore a new functionality which includes emotional and conceptual aspects.

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