Brand The Boring: The Veg Loft

As I have the title of 'city farm' to work from for my brand the boring brief, I have decided to look into grow spaces, and the idea of urban green spaces. I like the idea of approaching this brief from a holistic viewpoint, to where the customer will buy into a brand for it's psychological effect and the product. I wanted The Veg Loft to be an urban garden environment where people can pick their own veg, as opposed to all the work having already been done for them, this way they will be able to interact with the product.

An urban grow space makes me think of vertical walls of plants, due to the lack of space. This can additionally add the illusion of greenery to an otherwise grey and urban environment. When I look at urban green plans, I also find that there is innovation where a highly developed area such as a city is concerned. So while the city is not the natural environment for greenery, there are efforts to ensure that the latest innovation for growing in a limited space is available, making the notion of urban green housing truly contemporary.

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