Amass: Strong Copywriting

Body&Eden, are a company that make drinks that are made for health and wellbeing. They look exactly like good quality bath products, but are actually made to be consumed. Perhaps the cosmetics industry were one point of inspiration for the design of the drinks, where the visual influences the holistic nature of washing and bathing, and so the same principle has been applied to what can be consumed in order to make a person feel better.

'Body & Eden offers seasonal fruit and vegetable superfood tonics and herbal elixirs that densely pack nutrients, vitamins, and herbs needed to support and stabilize the body so that it can do what it does best, better.'

The copywriting for the drinks are bold, though not overpowering where they are white on a clear bottle. The lighter typeface makes the bold one below stand out more, where the words 'energy' 'glow' and 'power' take centre stage.

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