Cabin Fever: Content Thoughts

This magazine has replaced the original brief 'Fridge Magazine', and although some of the content will talk about food, Cabin Fever magazine will be an overall lifestyle magazine, that talks about subjects such as the emotive value of going into the outdoors, camping cuisine, cabins, van life, romanticising the outdoors, rustic living and much more. I will work with contributors that go outdoors and enjoy travel and living basically, that can write articles and offer an interesting point of view on the topics I have researched. As this magazine is an ongoing research project, there have been some interesting new topics that have arisen:

The emotive value of outdoors pursuits
Cabins and isolated living
Sustainable living
Small living spaces
Van life, and 'dirt bagging'
Patagonia becoming a 'trend brand'
The new trend for paying to stay in a treehouse
Cabin must haves
Camping food
A guide to reclaiming materials to furnish your home
Solutions for young people struggling to afford to buy a property such as flatpack homes
Travel photography
The trend for the content of this magazine, why do people want to go back to basics?

I find all of the topics really interesting, and they mostly effect me personally. I enjoy outdoor pursuits, and it seems that many young twenty somethings also enjoy just getting away from daily life, and pursuing travel ambitions, walking, isolation, van life, road tripping and more. There is also another prevalent trend for retro style cooking, interior design, coffee drinking and even dressing, with thanks to other publications such as Kinfolk, Cereal and more.

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