Cabin Fever: A Restless Transplant

A Restless Transplant is the story of Foster Huntington and his life living and travelling in a van. Lots of pretty and rustic Instagram's to be viewed in this book. Huntington is someone that many young men are probably slightly envious of. This kind of culture of travel-dirt bagging, and pursuing outdoor activities at the same time is becoming ever more prevalent through use of the internet, and there is certainly a trend for 'van life', and images of vans can be found on many a mood board. Even young professionals are getting in on this, with 1 - 2 week getaways in their vans, or cars enjoying a a cheaper alternative to a flight somewhere. Foster's way of doing things additionally feel boyish and reckless, where life changing experience can be obtained easily and cheaply.

Not exclusive to men, plenty of couples and women enjoy getting in the van and driving to a beach or a local rural area and picnicking, climbing, walking etc. So this trend really has a certain appeal. Huntington has even manage to compile his photographs into a physical book, a nice little money earner for him, so he continue to travel, drive and surf his way around the world.

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