Cabin Fever: Llano Exit Strategy

Llano Exit Strategy, Texas.

I really like these cabins, and would personally love to stay in one. Texas is obviously a hot state, and so there is little need for insulation. Cabins are often thought of in nordic locations, looking moody and romantic, however we rarely think of cabins as living or leisure spaces in hot places. They are mildly eco friendly, collecting rain water for use in the household, with a insulation system that keeps the interior cool rather than hot. All is needed in the cooler months is a small heater, and so there would be minimal heating bills for living in this way. Another small living space that is open plan and cosy.

'Sometimes you just know — love at first sight and all that — and the “Llano Exit Strategy,” is it’s lyrically called, was born in an instant. Four couples from Austin, Texas, have been friends for more than two decades. They vacation together, travel together, and have longed dreamed of building a base camp together within an hour of the city — a quick weekend escape hatch. One day they were on vacation in Llano, on the LLano River west of Austin, and they stumbled upon this little parcel, fell in love with it, and bought it a month later.

Texas summers are obviously hot and winters can be cold, so each cabin was insulated with spray foam. All the windows were thermally broken and have insulated glass, and when passive tactics aren’t quite enough for comfort, the couples can temper things with miniature Energy Star heater/air conditioning units. Irrigation is via the rainwater collection tanks atop each structure.'

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