Cabin Fever Research | Elliðaey Island

Elliðaey Island, Iceland.

I did hear that cabin was given to Bjork for services to culture from the Iclandic government, though to my dismay this was a fabrication, and the cabin here may as well be a folly, that serves no purpose. The cabin is a hunting lodge, though it's formal name does not reflect it's actual purpose, and is simply a getaway lodge for people that wish to experience isolation.

This is an image that many people have seen, (and heard the Bjork lie) and so would make for an interesting mini article and would serve a 'fun fact' type status.

'There are 15 Westmans — 11 plus three called the “small islands” – and they were named after Irish slaves brought here by Norsemen. They have a rather colorful history: After Ingólfur Arnarson’s brother Hjörleifur was murdered by the slaves he had brought with him to Iceland, Ingolfur tracked them down to the Westmans and killed them all in retribution. In the 1600s, Barbary pirates captured them. Twice in the 20th century, they had volcanic eruptions, one that created a new island and one that caused the evacuation of all 5,000 residents. Only the largest of the Westmans, Heimaey, is inhabited. Six have hunting lodges, like the one here on Elliðaey. What is there to hunt on the windswept, treeless rock? Puffins.'

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