Sherlock At The Castle: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Design by Graphic Thought Facility.

Campaign: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – 2003 season 2002.

This project caught my eye a while ago. The photography, hierarchy of the type, the typefaces used, colour way, all create a subtle, but eye catching range of products. The photography is the main focus that draws the viewer in here, and it gives an interesting peak behind the scenes. It has an almost voyeuristic approach, with the viewer able to take a glimpse of something that is not normally seen. Usually the stage and performance is seen, but a view behind the scenes makes the project feel more personal, and a point of difference from other theatre branding projects.

The approach they have taken feel quite light hearted, but keeps the formality of shakespeare with the layout, typography and lack of decoration. The bold pinks and greens attract attention, and bring shakespeare into the contemporary age without taking away the integrity of a classic playwright. They have used a serif typeface keeping the traditional aspect, but bring humour and lightheartedness with humanity of the actors buying from vending machines or relaxing on a sofa.

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