Sherlock At The Castle: British National Ballet Campaign

The Beautiful Meme.

The Beautiful Meme specialise in copywriting for advertising campaigns.

The printed material in this campaign for the English National Ballet makes a statement, and the photographs along with the provocative copy make for quite a unique branding strategy. The elements that are focused on here are the photography and the copywriting, and they make for an interesting piece of work. The quotation marks act as symbol working across the range. This is overall a successful project, however I would say that the slogans do not all work together, as they all have different connotations, although they do attract attention. This is an example where photography and typography work together, but don't take anything away from eachother either.

Copywriting is one of The Beautiful Meme's strong assets, and it does attract attention as the example here shows, however I am not sure where this copy is placed in the design, and it would make sense that it would be shown as a piece of deign working within the products.

There will be a unison between copy and design in the Sherlock at the Castle brief. It will be imperative to connect the copy with the visual aspects in the work.

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