Great British Biscuits: Rococo Overview


About the brand:

'In 1983, a young woman dared to follow her dream: to share with others her love for chocolate. Determined to change the way fine chocolate was perceived and presented, Chantal Coady transformed the stuffy, conservative, commercial norm of chocolate retailing to the inspiring engagement of the senses that such a delectable delight deserved, and through it, has spread the beauty and joy of chocolate far and wide - starting with London! While many of us now know - and have tasted! - the many flavours and types of chocolate, it wasn't too long ago that chocolate was found as a milk chocolate bar at one end of the spectrum, and rose and violet creams at the other. After selling rose and violet creams in a luxury department store's chocolate section herself, Chantal knew the constraining and joyless environment could simply not express the magic of such chocolate... and decided to change it all.'

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