Sherlock At The Castle: Athens State Orchestra 2012 Campaign

Athens State Orchestra | 2012 campaign by G Design Studio.

'The Athens State Orchestra’s 2012 campaign was inspired by the man seen as a creator. It is developed in a series of illustrations that run throughout the year. Since the musicians are the Orchestra’s soul, we decided to bring them to the foreground and focus on their hands; the means by which they produce music. The inverted scale communicates optimism and encourages human aptitude.'

The illustrations are so detailed, and look good quality, and not childlike, like so many other illustrators like to emulate within their work. The concept of using the musicians hands out of scale, due to their importance to the work, makes the work stand out. The overall feel of the project therefore feel high quality. And although it is Greek, the type hierarchy can still be read as formal and well placed. The branding across the web aspect looks as formal and professional as the posters. The basic shapes symbolise each of the different platforms it promotes.

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